Entrepreneurial Horizons: These Are 10 of the Most Profitable Franchises in the US

Entrepreneurial Horizons: These Are 10 of the Most Profitable Franchises in the US

Most of the profitable franchises in the US are led by long running brands. But there has been some shuffling around recently, as newcomers are gaining in popularity. Consistency is behind the most profitable franchises in history. With that consistency comes customer loyalty, and an annual expectation of growth.

1. Dunkin’

No other franchise has been able to survive the huge rebranding of Dunkin’ Doughnuts. The dropped the second D, and somehow gained even more notoriety. For every 1 Starbucks fan, there are 2 Dunkin’ consumers. 

2. Taco Bell

There are few things tastier than discount Mexican fast food. Taco Bell is unique for being the most notable Mexican eatery, even among restaurants. It is also one of the few chains that still has a functioning dollar menu.

3. McDonald’s

When you think about fast food branding, no other competitor beats McDonalds. Their name recognition alone should be admired. They have the mascots, marketing and branding to be recognizable all over the world. 

4. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic is the most unique place on this list. There is no lobby to sit in, and the consumers love it. Sonic keeps the old memories of 50’s drive-ins alive, right down to the rollerblading server. 

5. The UPS Store

With the amount of shipping that happens worldwide, this was an obvious choice. The UPS Store is also the default choice for all of the major online retailers. 

6. Ace Hardware

In between Lowes and Home Depot you’ll find consumers that love Ace Hardware. They provide a much more personal experience in a more intimate space. Instead of a large endless warehouse, you get a local store setting that is easier to navigate. 

7. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness doesn’t get enough credit for how quickly it has grown. Their marketing is brilliant, right down to the strong messaging of body positivity and respect. New equipment leases has made Planet Fitness a great place for all workout types. 

8. Pizza Hut

Dominos still holds the crown for college pizza, but nothing tops Pizza Hut for the average consumer. They have the price point of Dominos, but the tastiness of Papa Johns. Their value keeps rising thanks to impressive licensing and branding. 

9. Smoothie King

The most surprising thing about Smoothie King is that it is considered a health food place. Despite the strong marketing towards a healthy lifestyle, Smoothie King is seen more as a place for a delicious milkshake – which is true, because there is nothing like a Smoothie King shake. The good news is that customers can get what they want with the benefit of it being healthy. 

10. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a common foil to Baskin Robbins. With the introduction of their food menu, Dairy Queen became a full fast-food restaurant. Their menu is so impressive that several restaurants have copied their branding to capitalize on the success. 

Wrap Up

There are plenty of familiar names on the list. In a year, you may see a new brand break into the top ten. When it comes to making your money back, there are fewer options than investing in a trusted franchise. 

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