Outdoor Digital Signage: The Top 5 Benefits For Your Business

Outdoor digital signage is the future of advertisement. Companies are shifting towards marketing their products via this mean as it is one of the most effective B2C methods of communication. Let us learn more about outdoor digital signage and its 5 benefits to help your business boom.

What is Outdoor Digital Signage?

Have you ever seen big electronic boards displaying discount offers of your favourite brand outside malls? That is an example of outdoor digital signage. It is a marketing technique used by business owners for advertising their products/services to the targetted audience. But outdoor digital signage is not necessarily limited to business owners. You can find them at bus stops (displaying the bus timings), metro stations, theme parks and many other places. 

Companies use an electronic screen ( LCD, LED or a projection screen) to display information about their brand, product and services. You can convey information via videos, images or texts. The content can educate, engage or entertain its consumers.

5 Benefits of Digital Outdoor Signage

These simple LED signboards could go a long way to reaching and retaining your consumers. Here are the 5 ways digital outdoor signage can benefit you:

  • Higher Reach and Retention Rates 

The visual appeal of a digital display captures 400% more attention than any other display. Companies with digital signboards have 32% more return customers than those without one. It will also have the highest reach since thousands of people will pass by the signboard. An attractive colourful board increases the recall rate to 83%. Plus, it raises brand awareness. 

  • Increased Revenue

Don’t you get excited to see your favourite brand is giving discounts? Or doesn’t that mouth-watering image of the KFC burger make you want to try it? 

Shoppers make 60% of their purchasing decisions at the point of sale. Powerful content in the digital signboards increases sales by up to 33%. Cross-sells, impulse buys and up-sells increase dramatically due to the visual communications resulting in an immersive consumer experience. 

  • Minimum Cost

Digital Signages don’t require printing. Companies can save costs on printing brochures, posters, menu boards etc. Hence, it reduces the costs of storage and logistics of printed materials. Business owners can focus on creating beautiful graphics and infographics instead of wasting time on printing. With minimum expenditure, industries can reach their target audience and stay in their memories for long. 

  • Easy to Use

Improvising your content according to the ever-changing needs of your consumer is very easy in digital signages. You can make the necessary improvements, deploy them to the other branches and display them with just a few clicks. You can use specific software to deploy and create content via a streamlined user interface.

  • Enhances Brand Awareness

Companies can market their social media content and aggregate weather updates while advertising their products. They can also stream videos about their products to enhance brand awareness. Digital signage allows customers to give instantaneous feedback hence allowing direct customer engagement. Since most customers prefer peer recommendations over ads, linking social media assets along with product information will increase trust.

How can Outdoor Digital Signage help your Business?

Outdoor digital signages can help customer care representatives when they are busy. It can act as an entertainment medium for waiting customers. 

Industries can use these low-cost, easily deployable digital boards to spread information about their products and interact with customers. 


Experts predict that this advertising medium will become an industry with a large turnover. Digital displays will become more popular among business owners since they can use them to make announcements and convey emergency information.

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