12 Best trading business ideas with a small investment

12 Best trading business ideas with a small investment

Trading is the best way to step up the stairs of the business world. However, for a newbie like you, high-scale trading with a large investment plan sounds scary. However, if you want to start a trade business, it’s not necessary to acquire extravagant trade products that require expensive investments; you can start from as low as Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000. The only thing you need to focus on is investing in the right trade items and marketing plan.

This post will walk you through some trading business ideas with a small investment to boost your trading spirit.

What is a trading business?

A trading business indulges a person to buy products at a lower price from suppliers or wholesalers and sells the same products at higher (retail) prices. The profit in the trading business can get unmatchable when you implement good strategies. In India, trading is one of the most profitable businesses that people do. And the best part is that, with the lowest-demanding trading business ideas, you can kickstart your business within a few days.

How to start a trading business?

To start a small trading business, you should first dive into the field and understand the depths to which you can soak your feet. Therefore, you should first come up with the best approachable idea, a strategy, competition, and paperwork. All these steps are important before considering a trading business.

So, let’s discuss each of these steps briefly to get a well-rounded understanding and create a roadmap for opening a small trading business.

Analyzing the market segments

To start your small business, you should first get to point A. Point A is knowing in what category you want to start trading. For example, books, garments, electronics, stationery, groceries, and so on. Starting a business without proper research is a bad idea. The reason is that you need to learn about the competition and whether the trading is profitable or not. Nothing gives you more pain than investing in a trade that doesn’t have a wide market. Hence, your investment goes in vain.

Research of the market

It is important that you do thorough research on the trade business you want to start. Go through the competition in the market, the categories of products you can sell, their quality, suppliers, and the extent of your investment. Compare the prices and quotes of suppliers to find the best suppliers with affordable prices and high quality.

Identify your competitors.

Without analysis, your competition is a fool’s mistake. Your competitors are the first educators that’ll teach you how well they’re doing in the market. What strategy works for them and what are their shortcomings that you can improve?

Paper work

The next step to setting up your small business is getting a license for your business and finishing all the paperwork such as registration of the shop and tax.


And when you’ve got everything in your hand, now is the time to shout to the world that you have a trading business. Without marketing, no business can survive. Therefore, practice a legitimate marketing strategy, whether it is traditional or modern. As long as it brings a sale, you’re good to go. In the rapid online or e-commerce trade, you can also stand out from your competitors with a social media marketing or email marketing approach.

Low investment trading business ideas

Garment trading ideas

Trading in clothing or wares is a profitable business to start with. In every part of the world, the need for fashion and clothes will always remain. This kind of business will never die out of fashion. The garment trading business doesn’t need extravagant expenses, and you can start it with a moderate investment. The best part is that if you don’t have a shop or store, you can sell clothes online on e-commerce or social media platforms.

FMCG products trading

Fast moving consumer goods is another way to start a low-investment business. You can stock up on products that are in regular demand by the customers, such as packed food, stationery, laundry items, beverages, chocolates, and so on. This business can also be initiated on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. However, the best approach is to have a store or shop to sell these products. So, some of your investment needs a place to lease on a monthly basis.

Mobile accessories trading business

If you have knowledge about secondary electronic items that relate to mobiles, such as adaptors, charging cables, mobile battery banks, and so on, this is a business for you. Everyone needs a mobile phone, and they need all sorts of security accessories such as mobile covers, wallets, and so on. So, you can find a wholesaler and set up a small shop where you can sell all the beautiful covers and electronic accessories. You won’t have to incur a huge expense to start the mobile accessories business.

Books for trade

Even in this digital age, you’ll find book nerds who cannot get enough books. Also, as long as education is there, books will always be at the top of students’ lists. So, book trading is a great idea for setting up a small business. You can stock up on educational books, competitive exams, study guides, or motivational books. There will always be an audience for every category of book you write. However, for a start, try to avoid books that are really expensive. Take baby steps in book trading, and when you start making money, increase your investment.

Automobile accessories

Automobile accessories will be a thing as long as there are wheels on the road. Therefore, if you have an interest in accessories for cars, bikes, and other kinds of vehicles, you can combine your passion with legitimate earnings. Although this business may demand a high investment from your budget, it can grow exponentially if you implement the right strategy and choose the right market for your business.

IT hardware trading

Laptops and computers are the weapons of the coming world. And a pandemic has skyrocketed the sales of these gadgets because of the work from home trend. Therefore, you can take advantage of the increasing high sales and make yourself an income source. But you should know that buying laptops and computers is a hefty investment, so only try this trade when you have enough financial backup. 

Stock market trading

Stock trading, a risky but evergreen business idea, can change your fortune forever. Many people are skeptical about stock market trading because of the high risks it involves. To start a share trading business, you need to have good knowledge about how the stock market works and in what companies to invest in. If you invest right, it can take you to the sky, but it can also lose your money if not done right. Still, it is an option to consider if you have an interest in the stock market.

Grocery trading

The grocery business is one of the safest options if you’re not a risk-taker. Every household needs groceries, and people buy thousands or lakhs of the worth of groceries annually in India. So, it can open a door for your trading business. It needs low investment and brings highly profitable outcomes for your trading business.

Agrochemical and pesticide trading 

Agrochemical and pesticide trading is a great business if you’ve got a sound knowledge of its different segments. You can’t be a novice to start with this business; you need to have proper knowledge about plants, crops, chemicals, and so on. Although the trading of chemicals and pesticides will always remain until food production is there, you still need to put your foot carefully. The best advice is to take orders and trade straight away from wholesalers instead of stocking piles of products. The business requires a lot of paperwork, so be ready to fill in some forms for the trade.

Jewelry trading

Jewelry is a woman’s need. It is chic, stylish, and gives a trendy look. Therefore, if you have a keen interest in customizable or artificial jewelry, a great business opportunity awaits you. It’s a low-investment business and you don’t have to have a shop or store. You can run the jewelry business right from your home. All you need in this business is to walk with the trends and be active on social media for your online brand.

Customized gift trading

A special occasion is incomplete without gifts. And the most precious gifts are when they come with meaning. So, this is another low-investment idea to consider. Setting up a shop or e-store for selling customizable gifts will be appropriate as more people will buy from you. The best part is that you can also start this business with zero investment if you’ve got a talent for making personalized gifts. Otherwise, look for suppliers and market their products to earn money.

Spice trading

India is popular for its spices. And this popularity is known throughout the world. Therefore, setting up a spice business can give you a great opportunity for an export business as well. No food in India is made without spices because they are the essence of Indian food. Therefore, to start a business in spices, you need to first buy a franchise or commission. And, once you’ve established a foothold in the trading world, take your company to new heights.


Trading is not that hard to do, and it certainly is not expensive if you start with the right business. The small trading business ideas with low investment in this post can become a real success for you. The only thing they demand is a little investment and the determination to become successful.

Frequently asked questions

Which small trading business ideas in India are the most effective?

Trading in groceries and fashion clothing is the most popular and effective in India.

What business can I start in India if I don’t have any money?

You can sell your skills such as graphic designing, tutoring, writing, and so on.

What trading business can be started in 10K?

You can start by selling books, artificial jewelry, small items such as plastic boxes, scrunches, and so on.

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