Buying Cheat Codes as a Business Model: What’s up With Playstation 5 and Its Potential New Feature?

Buying Cheat Codes as a Business Model: What’s up With Playstation 5 and Its Potential New Feature?

It is almost always a good time to play video games if you are an avid gamer. Whether you love a challenge or you’re just looking for a carefree and entertaining way to destress from a long day, taking a little time to camp out in front of your Playstation is the way to do it. But did you know that there may be a few changes coming to your beloved Sony gaming console? That’s right! Sony wants to update the Playstation 5 with the ability to allow users to buy cheat codes. They have filed a patent that allows users to buy hints whenever they get stuck while playing on the new system.

Happy Holidays

If you play regularly, then you know the feeling of putting down your controller to take a breather because that level is just kicking your thumbs. You may also be all too familiar with heading straight to the Internet to discover what you’re doing wrong or to just grab a cheat code so you can continue to play your game in peace. You might have even asked yourself why cheat codes aren’t available through the console. But if you are considering getting a Playstation 5 when it is released at the end of 2020, this potential feature could be just what you’ve been looking for all your gaming life. We’ve seen cheat codes go from books and magazines to blogs and tech websites, to YouTube channels and now potentially straight to your gaming console. And just in time for the holiday season, too. 

What to Expect

Here’s how it is expected to work. All you do is play your video games like you normally would. The system will be tracking your progress and the amount of time things are taking you. If it considers you to be struggling, the system will present you with some possible options that are based on what other players are doing or have done to beat that particular level. If you want the help, you’ll have to give something in return though. Nothing is free, you know.

But Wait…

If this is exciting news to you, don’t break out in victory dance just yet. Filing for a patent doesn’t mean that Sony is ready to roll this technology out just yet, or that they ever will. It’s a legal thing that gives them the rights that go along with ownership of the idea and technology. And depending on how their trials go and how successful their developers are at making this a current reality, it may not be one of the Playstation 5s newest and coolest features. It could end up on a different iteration of the Playstation.

Many users may be asking if this is really a necessary solution to completing games when gamers can access this information for free on the trusty Internet. And if you agree, don’t worry, you don’t have to buy cheat codes, you can just look them up the new old fashioned way. I’m sure the Playstation 5 has plenty of other desirable features that have nothing to do with cheat codes.

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