A New Social Media Giant in the Making: 3 Tips for Making Money on TikTok

A New Social Media Giant in the Making: 3 Tips for Making Money on TikTok

Social media is the perfect free (or inexpensive) advertising for any business. But the days of Facebook and Instagram leading the marketing pack are disappearing. In the number one slot instead is TikTok.

This record-breaking social media giant first started as an app called Music.ly. People, mostly teens, would upload lip-synching videos for their audience to watch. Chinese company ByteDance saw the potential and acquired Music.ly, releasing it later as TikTok.

Within months, it was the new king on the block for music-lovers and social media followers around the world. But now, businesses have jumped on board, making it possible for users to create a solid income by using TikTok as their platform.

How to Make Money With TikTok

Instagram and YouTube made being an influencer a legitimate, and profitable, job. Whether you’re a full-time social media poster or you want to use it to promote your business, here’s how you can do it.

1. Link your social media accounts for a wider following. You can’t reach a wide audience without followers. The more accounts you have, all connected together, the more people you’ll connect with. Even better, if they like your posts, they’ll share them.

Whatever you’re selling or promoting, you’re more apt to get business with a vast audience. However, you have to prove your legitimacy to your followers before they’ll trust you enough to buy from you. 

Be careful what you post and how you post it. Typos, bad grammar, and inflammatory topics can destroy a business overnight.

2. Use Live.ly. Although TikTok itself doesn’t push the marketing aspect too much, Musical.ly’s offshoot, Live.ly, offers you a chance to make some mega money if you’re talented enough for people to pay to see your stuff. Take your TikTok followers with you over to Live.ly and combine your 15-second videos with live performances.

Live.ly has been around since 2016. Users purchase virtual coins to buy emojis that show their reactions to live performances. 

It doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but if you’re a fan who wants to be recognized by your favorite celebrity, it’s a great way to do make it happen. The more emojis you use, the bigger your name is shown on the screen. If you’re really loud about your excitement through your emojis, you might get a shout-out by the performer.

3. Create challenges. Major corporations like Chipotle and Nike are using TikTok to promote their brands, so why shouldn’t you? 

The trick is to create a user-challenge that will make your followers get excited, share your challenge with their friends, and promote your business for you.

A simple hashtag challenge where users show off your product or tag your business can get your name out faster than any paid-for marketing.

Join the TikTok Social Media Game

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn still have their place when it comes to marketing your business. But if you skip TikTok because you don’t think it hits your target market or videos aren’t your thing, you’re missing out on a potential goldmine of profits.

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