7 Deadly E-Commerce Pitfalls to Avoid If You Want to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

7 Deadly E-Commerce Pitfalls to Avoid If You Want to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs always have objectives. So, whenever you want to start your business as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to first bring visitors to your store then later convert them to customers.

This should be easier for you now because the moment you have these customers, you’ll find possible ways of increasing your incomes.

Here are the fatal E-commerce mistakes you should avoid if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Not Showing the Number of Items in a Guest’s Cart

Your customers may land your e-commerce store through different ways- either from their computers or even smartphones.

However, every time they return to your site with a different device, they’ll be identified as new guests when they’re not.

2. Not Linking Directly to Product Pages from Homepage

If you want to showcase your most popular products, it’s advisable that you do that on your store homepage.

Why? Because, when an e-commerce wants to select few products that sell on your homepage, they’ll find it dubious to narrow down their inventory to select a few products that can create space on your homepage.

Many stores experience these challenges by linking their products directly. So, avoid this because these stores will display the images of your most popular products.  

3. No Way to Filter Features While Sorting on Price

A good e-commerce store should not allow customers to sort their listings by prices. This is to help them reduce their listings to only those products that fit their pocket.

Occasionally, many stores make one common mistake of putting together the prices of sorting feature with other filters like customer reviews, thus depriving you of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

4. Using the Wrong Page Type for Listings

Depending on the products you’re marketing and the targeted audience, you will determine the type of pagination you’re to use.  

However, infinite scrolling is preferred over pagination in cases like fashion because people would love to explore and learn more about new products.

On the contrary, pagination will be more useful to your customers when they know exactly what they want.

5. Not Displaying Customer Service Related Trust Seals

Showcasing customer’s trust can be so dangerous. Instead, you can showcase seals that show customers’ experience. With that, other new customers will understand you better and promote your site too.

However, there are other smaller e-commerce stores that still showcase their customers’ trust. After all, what matters is your customer’s trust!

6. Not Listing Availability of Stock on a Product’s Page

Including information on products about the availability of your stock is not a good idea unless it’s order sales. This could be more advantageous to you because your customers will know where to hit when they run out of stock.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Influence of Online Reviews

Most online shoppers are influenced to purchase your products just from the online reviews they get from your site. However, the more top reviews he or she reads from your site will always convert them to buyers.

Online shoppers will always look for powerful reviews that make them trust you and the products or services you offer.

Wrap Up

The key to becoming a successful online entrepreneur is simple. Avoid the above-listed obstacles and you got your way.

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