Marketing Tools of the Trade: 5 Marketing Automation Tools That Will Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Marketing Tools of the Trade: 5 Marketing Automation Tools That Will Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Digital marketing can be extremely stressful for small to medium sized businesses and has been known to cause quite a few headaches. There are far too many digital channels to keep up with, as well as keeping track of user metrics and the hundreds of emails that you have to send out. This is why so many marketers look for marketing automation tools to help simplify their tasks while maximizing their marketing efforts. Here are five marketing automation tools that can bring your business to the next level.


A comprehensive marketing automation tool, GetResponse was made to get stuff done. Most SMBs love it for the simple email automation features, and its workflow builder makes it easy to create an ideal conversion funnel with simple click and drag filters, actions and conditions. Once the tool has been set up, the workflow builder will send out welcome emails, coupons, newsletters, social media links, and more.


If your company wants to be in tune with your audience, then you will love Infusionsoft. With Infusionsoft, it becomes second nature for businesses to stay connected once they’ve imported and organized their contacts using segmentation and tags. The tool will track and record the behavior of your company’s leads then it scores each one base on the ease of conversion. The company also offers a mobile version of the program with full lead forms, page, and email building capabilities.


Marketo is a wildly popular application for SMBs, and for a good reason. The platform is perfect for beginners and focuses on generating new leads. Your company can use the tool to create forms and landing pages with ease, and its’ user resources will teach you how to take advantage of search marketing, behavior tracking, and social media. Like Infusionsoft, Marketo will provide each of your company’s leads with a score based on marketability, factoring in both demographics and inactivity into the equation.


Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned entrepreneur, HubSpot can help you out. Businesses can quickly generate content assets for their campaigns with the campaign ‘recipes’ feature. The campaign wizards will help you ensure that your campaign doesn’t launch until it is complete. The friendly dashboard displays all the campaign’s analytical data, which makes it easy for you to determine whether the plan is working or not before you’ve wasted your time and money.


An excellent marketing automation tool for the modern business, MailChimp has the ability for companies to create beautiful emails using a simple drag-and-drop template. This allows companies to connect with leads on a new level. MailChimp also comes with a whole suite of mobile apps to help you keep the ball rolling when you are on the go. The Subscribe feature allows you to collect signups online or off, and MailChimp Snap feature lets you send quick, photo-based emails to your subscribers right from your smartphone.

There are many highly effective marketing automation tools for SMBs online. If your business is ready to take the next step and fire up their marketing campaign, these five tools can help you take your business to the next level.

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