Modern Lead Generation Strategies: 5 Essentials of a Good LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Modern Lead Generation Strategies: 5 Essentials of a Good LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

It wasn’t too long ago that LinkedIn changed from a tiny professional networking platform to an enormous world force. Since its inception, B2B marketers have been trying to figure out how to crack the code for success on LinkedIn. With the millions of professionals all in one place, there has to be some way to get more leads. The good news is that more and more B2B buyers are turning to LinkedIn for the content they need to move forward, according to the site, with around nine billion content impressions appearing in LinkedIn feeds every week. So what makes a good LinkedIn marketing strategy?

You Have to Be Intentional

With more and more B2B marketers using social media to get leads, according to research conducted by HubSpot you have to be intentional with your strategy if you want to generate more leads. The best way to turn your business page into a lead generation page is to structure your page in such a way that it leads up to a conversion action. This means including a clickthrough to your website, by using an image that gets attention and creates interest, including a clear and compelling pitch in your business description, and making your recent updates section conversion-focused and clickable.

Create a Showcase Page

In recent years, LinkedIn developed showcase pages for business to promote individual brands that are extensions of their company. These pages are the perfect way for your company to segment your inbound traffic. Showcase pages are essentially custom-made so that B2B marketers can generate more leads. When you want to represent a brand, company initiative, or business unit, showcase pages make a lot of sense because they are intended to help you develop a long-term relationship with a target audience.

Use Advanced Search

Not every lead that you gain is going to be one that came to you. Along with your inbound marketing techniques, you will also need to go out and find your prospects. With LinkedIn’s advanced search option, you know have a way of identifying the exact kind of audience that you are trying to target. The most powerful feature of Advanced People Search in LinkedIn is the ability to filter your search by location, current company, past company, industry, profile language, school, and nonprofit interests.

Save Searches

LinkedIn now has over 500 million users, according to the experts at Foundation, which makes saving the searches you’ve already performed extremely important. Keeping the highly specific and targeted searches that you’ve already created is the best way to stay active in your prospecting. Getting B2B leads isn’t something you do once and move on, it is something that you have to be consistent with if you want to have a steady pipeline of sales.

Publish Content

LinkedIn has a compelling content publishing platform and if you have access to this feature you want to make sure that you use it to gain even more exposure. When publishing content on the site you want to ensure that it is keyword optimized and that it provides high-value content that will generate interest.

These five essential marketing strategies for LinkedIn, leave you a lot of room to further develop your plan. LinkedIn has become an ideal source for B2B marketing and offers businesses a lot of opportunities to generate more leads.

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