A Slew of New Opportunities Introduced by the Digital Era: Have You Tried These 5 Methods to Make Money Online?

A Slew of New Opportunities Introduced by the Digital Era: Have You Tried These 5 Methods to Make Money Online?

Making money online from the vast opportunities introduced by the digital era can be a very difficult process. You may encounter many ups and downs especially if you have no idea what to go for and what to do. Not every online business will give you what you want. Which is why knowing some of the most effective methods to make money online will help you avoid the possible failures. The following are 5 methods.


Blogging can give you good money if you make good use of it, of course. You get paid through blogging from various blogs. You may write as a commentator, reviewer, or an analyst of political or financial issues. The more you write to other sites the more the traffic built on your blog. And perhaps, more money will be flowing in. “Must I have a web domain to create my blog?” Absolutely not. You can use either Blogger or WordPress to start a free blog. Have links between your blogs to build more traffic and promote it on relevant platforms.


You can make sustainable money through freelancing if you have one or more of the marketable skills. You could be having web development, project management, video editing, designing, or writing skills among other competitive skills. A good number of Americans prefer freelancing to traditional careers and have made significant money through it. Know where and what to look for depending on your skill and, perhaps, its demand. There are many skill-specific freelance job platforms for your skill.

Small Business Consultancy

Do you have valuable business and marketing skills and experience that you’ve developed over the years? Consider offering consulting services to small business owners at a fee. Every business, regardless of its size constantly needs to bring in more customers and can do anything to see this happen. And this is where you should come in with your creative business and marketing ideas. One step at a time and your services will be demanded. What more do you need?

e-Book Selling

You might have dreamt of writing a book but don’t know where to start. With the valuable knowledge and experience that you have, you can package them into a downloadable eBook. This will help people start a business, learn a skill, learn ways to be healthy, or change their lives for the better. To get started, approach some of the successful eBook sellers or check out the many available guides on the internet. You’ve got this. Good luck.

Website Building

Website building s like the real estate business. They’re the digital real estates built on your plot of online “land”. This will give you the opportunity to fill the “land” with anything you want – pictures, videos, blogs, and items of sale among others. You will earn money by building traffic to your website. But just building the website alone is not enough. Promotion through social media and other relevant platforms is key. “And what do I need to build my own website?” Simple, you’ll need a host, a template and content.


These are just a few of the most effective methods to make money online. Regardless of the method you choose, ensure to have a plan on how you will operate the business. Also, ensure you have what it takes to succeed. And by doing this, you will avoid the common pitfalls encountered by many people trying to enter the big online market. Voila!

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