Sphere of influence: Types & their effects on society

Sphere of influence: Types & their effects on society

Sphere of influence Definition

The “seven domains of society” (also known as the “seven sphere of influence”) is a term that refers to the numerous aspects of life that come together to form society as we know it. 

The word started in the religious realm (the church) and has become more commonly used as non-religious organizations (particularly those in the field of economics). The new terminologies to help frame discussions regarding social effects and challenges.

Types of Sphere Influence

There are 7 spheres of influence. Each sphere of influence considers itself to have a distinct function and set of features. 

They are a set of definitions that convey a pure viewpoint from those who work in that field. These definitions will not be universally accepted but will vary as time goes on.

No individual is confined to a single sphere; but instead, they are a mash-up of several. However, most people are more committed to some than others.

The definitions resemble a vision of greatness for each sphere. Which each sphere defines for itself. However, each one has the potential to either be fulfilled for good or corrupted.


The government is the sphere where justice and peace are upheld, and authority is employed to serve a group of people of various scales. Of course, the governments have a massive influence on society as a whole and will dictate the direction of the country, town, or city, depending on their reach.

For example, big cities like Washington and New York tend to be a lot more influenced by government activities than a remote outlying village where the people mainly keep to themselves.


Under this sphere of influence is where you’ll find enterprises like science, technology, and business. This sphere identifies a society’s creative powers, including science and technology, with enterprise serving as a conduit for ideas and resources. These systems are the backbones of many societies.

Belief, Spirituality, and Faith (Religion) 

Engagement with the immaterial, spiritual dimension, mercy, and the development of reconciled human-to-human and human-to-God connections. These play a bigger or smaller role of influence in a society depending on where you go. In some places, and even on a household-to-household basis but the intensity of this sphere of influence can vary dramatically.

Education & Schooling

People are equipped for their life mission through personal transformation and the consumption of education. These systems are vital for preparing the younger generations for the future but will define what the future looks like for a society.


Where life multiplies, a sense of belonging develops, and an individual personality emerges.

The Media & Press

The transmission of knowledge and the cultivation of healthy relationships through life-giving forms of communication. The media has a huge influence on society, especially in today’s modern world where you seemingly can’t escape their messaging and narratives.

Entertainment (Arts, Entertainment and Sports)

Through presentations of life that engage the full individual, hope is strengthened, and community is built. These cultural events, be it a sports game or a movie release, that helps to bring people together and form bonds among strangers.


And there we have it but the seven spheres of influence that make up the direction that society heads in and what makes a society what it is. What are your thoughts? Do you see some spheres in your life but not others? It’s always worth thinking about to see how your life is the way it is.

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