Time to Grow Your Business: 6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Consultant That Will Ensure You Get the Best Man for the Job

Time to Grow Your Business: 6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Consultant That Will Ensure You Get the Best Man for the Job

Hiring a marketing consultant is no easy feat. Everyone specializes in something different and has different expertise in different areas of marketing, various price plans, and fees, and work in different ways. Of course, as a business, you want to make sure you’re finding the best consultant to suit you and your needs, but how?

Well, during your interview or searching process, you can obviously ask questions to find out what you want, which is what we’re going to be focusing on today as we detail the six main questions you need to be focusing on.

What Experience Do You Have?

You should only really work with marketing consultants who have the experience, for obvious reasons. A leading marketing consultant will not be afraid to show you the successful projects they’ve worked on and highlight what they can do for you. If a marketer isn’t really showing you anything, then be wary of what experience they do have

Do You Offer More Than SEO and Social Media?

Of course, SEO and social media marketing are both very important strategies you need to be thinking about, but marketing is so much more than this. Other types of marketing include things like email marketing, blogging and content creation, PPC advertising, video marketing, affiliate and referral programs, and so much more. Don’t restrict yourself.What Industry Do You Work In?

A marketer who specializes in the fashion industry will have much different experience for those who market in the tech industry. You need to think about your niche and what industry you’re in and find a marketer who knows your audience and understands what channels work and don’t work.

What Channels Do You Work Through?

Again, hand in hand with the comment above, a good marketing consultant will vary which channels they offer you to work through and will understand that although testing is needed, some channels will work better than others. If you choose a consultant that doesn’t know about a certain channel, you’re going to miss out.

How Up to Date Are You With Marketing Trends?

The landscape of modern marketing is constantly changing. Tik Tok was basically nothing last year and now it’s one of the most sought-after marketing channels in the world. What’s more, the controversy now surrounding it means this could be different next year. To ensure your business can keep up, you need a marketing consultant who knows what’s going on.

What Tools Do You Use?

Just like any job, you need the right tools for the job if you want to succeed. Ask your preferred consultant what kind of tools, applications, and software programs they use to get the job done because it means you’ll have access to these tools.


While there are many questions you can ask your marketing consultant, focusing on these six can help you to ensure your marketer can offer you what you’re looking for and can guarantee they’ll be working with you in the same way your business wants to be working.

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