Customer Experience is the Name of the Game: 3 Cutting-Edge Technologies That Are Improving It in the New Decade

Customer Experience is the Name of the Game: 3 Cutting-Edge Technologies That Are Improving It in the New Decade

The general consensus is that technology has fueled some fantastic improvements in the way we lead our lives and do business in the modern world and one area of commerce that has clearly benefited is customer service.

Here is a closer look at some of the cutting-edge technologies that have helped to deliver those improvements.

AI has made a real difference

If you were going to rank these cutting-edge technologies into some order of merit, arguably, you would find artificial intelligence at the top of that list.

AI has proved to be a real game-changer and it is fascinating to consider the prospect that it is estimated the majority of us have already had a customer service experience without actually interacting with a human.

Businesses have a diverse range of options when it comes to how they choose to implement and embrace all that AI technology has to offer but what is clear is that it has the capacity to give customers the ability to find a solution to their problem in a quick and efficient way.

Customer attitudes toward AI are likely to remain positive providing there is transparency when it comes to knowing whether you are speaking to a robot or a human.

Improving customer experience with analytics

Data mining and predictive analytics are combining to make a powerful force that offers the tools required to make a substantial difference to the customer service experience.

One typical benefit associated with predictive analytics is that you can use data modeling to discover meaningful customer trends and use this data to provide a better experience by anticipating demands and proactively contacting customers to provide the support and service they are looking for.

This technology allows the possibility of uncovering trends and relationships that are not so obvious to observe with more basic reporting methods.

Putting a face to the name

Traditional retail outlets always have the potential advantage of facing their customers in person and being able to use that opportunity to develop a relationship and rapport.

Online operations don’t have to miss out on that ability thanks to advancements in video chat technology.

Corresponding with a customer by phone or email can be time-consuming and it is not always possible to achieve an immediately satisfactory outcome in the same way you can when you are in front of someone and can show them the problem you want resolving.

Video chat has filled that customer-service void and being able to provide visual customer support services has proved to be a real winner for many of the companies who have adopted this tool as a way of enhancing the customer service experience.

It is a challenging environment for businesses who are constantly looking for an edge that helps improve customer retention rates but with these technology options at their disposal, it is becoming easier to deliver a five-star rated experience with each interaction.

Delivering a great customer experience is highly relevant to the future success of any business and these cutting-edge technologies will help deliver these aims.

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