Mobile Consumerism Is on the Rise: 4 Ideas on How to Ride the Trend

Mobile Consumerism Is on the Rise: 4 Ideas on How to Ride the Trend

When mobile phones were first introduced only those with incredible commercial foresight would have predicted the impact these devices would have on consumerism.

Fast-forward a few decades and mobile phones have reached a saturation point and a growing number of consumers are now using the device in their hand to make purchases and pay for items, all via apps on their smartphone.

If you run a business and want to connect with your customers here are some pointers on how to embrace mobile consumerism and use technology to deliver a great service or product.

When a phone becomes a shop window

You only have to look at how many global brands use mobile technology to their advantage to see how your business could replicate this formula.

There has been a definite shift toward online shopping and people seem to be more inclined to use their phones to browse for items rather than visit a mall.

Creating an online catalog or an app that showcases your range of products could have a positive impact on sales.

Digital retailing

A popular view amongst retail strategists is that the future landscape of retailing is being shaped by a digital strategy that brings together connected aspects of consumers’ habits.

Social media, apps, and other tech-driven initiatives have already changed the way consumers interact with their favorite brands and this shift away from the traditional bricks and mortar retail model has already reset the relationship between businesses and their customers.

If you are not embracing this change of direction your business could be missing out.

Payment options

Although smartphones are still not the default option for the majority of consumers when it comes to making payment that number is trending upward.

About a third of consumers currently make payment via their mobile device and the level of adoption is primarily at its current level because of concerns about data security.

However, as the technology evolves and consumers become more trusting that their personal and financial data will be safe it is clear that a cashless society is moving ever closer.

Plenty of opportunities

How can you make the most of this consumer trend relating to smartphone usage?

It is important to understand that your business will probably have to adopt some proactive smartphone strategies if you want to get your name and products in front of a global audience.

It is quite a startling fact to digest that about 20% of consumers check their smartphones a minimum of 50 times per day and that figure confirms that a good number of your potential customers are increasingly reliant on their phone.

However, this trend also allows you the sort of potential access to consumers on a consistent basis that would be very hard to achieve through other mediums.

As more features become available it will surely help to fuel a further rise in mobile consumerism, and that could create some great selling opportunities for your business, plus it offers an excellent platform for developing a meaningful and prosperous relationship with your customers.

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