Welcoming the New Decade: 7 Ways Chatbots Will Transform Businesses in 2020

Welcoming the New Decade: 7 Ways Chatbots Will Transform Businesses in 2020

So, it’s the start of 2020, a new decade, and when you think back to the advances that have happened over the year which have affected businesses all over the world in so many different ways. As a modern business, it’s important to make sure you’re embracing this technology to ensure you’re giving the best experience to your customers and can be as successful as possible.

One of the most up and coming of these modern business technologies is the chatbot, and if you’re not using them already, there’s so much potential your business has to unlock. To help you get started, here are seven ways chatbots are benefitting businesses this year.

  • Customers Love Chatbots

According to the latest statistics, around 44% of shoppers in the US prefer to talk to chatbots than they do an actual person when sorting out their customer problems. At any time of day, people no longer have to call a company or sit and wait for someone to get back in touch, they can have instant feedback and responses which is a much better experience for them.

  1. Customer Service Staff are Still Needed

While there are plenty of people who are happy to talk to chatbots, there are still many who aren’t ready for a full switch over to AI and would much prefer to speak to a real person. As a business, you’ll need to know that people are still needed in your customer service team to handle more complex queries and to deal with customers who want a more personal touch.

  1. Your Business Can Save Money

While you’ll still need people to deal with customers, you won’t need as many if you’re using chatbots, which means you can dramatically bring down your operational costs this year and for the future. In fact, statistics show around £1.3 trillion is spent in the US on handling calls and queries, with chatbots reducing these costs by around 30% per business!

  1. Chatbots Can Improve Sales

Of course, as a business, you’ll want to be making sales where you can, and chatbots can help you do this. With the ability for chatbots to collect personal information like the customer’s name, their contact details, what they do, and any other identifying factors you may want to know, you can build up personalized customer profiles and then conduct personalized advertising to make sales.

  1. Chatbots Evolve to Learn

One of the best features of modern-day chatbots is that they are made using AI or ML. This means that the more you use your chatbot, and the more your customers use it, the better at talking it gets. This is great for your business because your chatbot will get better at serving your target market and customer base, getting you even better results.

  1. Chatbots Can Define Your Business Branding

The great thing about chatbots is that there’s no straight way a chatbot can be designed to suit whatever kind of brand you are. Whether you’re professional and formal or light-hearted and casual, your chatbot is yet another way to instill your brand image into the eyes of your customers.

  1. Recommendations and a Personalised Service

Thanks to the design of chatbots, not only can they help customers to find what they’re looking for and answer their questions, but they can also recommend products that the customers could be interested in. Statistics show that this is a feature that many customer bases around the world are interested in, and can help them make purchases they may previously have been unaware of.


As you can see, chatbots are changing the game when it comes to the business world, and there’s no denying this is just the tip of the iceberg. As technology advances, so will the many benefits that the services can provide to you and your customers.

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