Data Jobs-Related Terms: What Is 10 Key Experience?

Data Jobs-Related Terms: What Is 10 Key Experience?

Some jobs have a hard requirement for applicants with 10 key experience. This is a specific skill that employees need, and is completely different than typing skills. For data entry jobs, employees should always consider 10 key typing a hard requirement. 

What Is 10 Key Typing?

The section of your keyboard with the numpad is known as the 10-key pad. It looks like a calculator, and the numpad acts as a toggle. This is a feature that is usually available on a full-sized keyboard, and contributes to what is 10 key experience. Modifications exist to allow for smaller keyboards, and accessories can add 10-key functionality to any setup. 

For data entry, 10 key typing experience is vital when adding or editing information. It’s quicker than using the numbers on top of the keyboard, and has shown to contain less errors on entry. Good 10 key typing techniques prevents employees from slowing down when typing other information. The placement, accuracy and efficiency of 10 key typing has no equal. 

How Hard Is the Technique?

There is a reason some data entry jobs put 10 key typing experience as a hard requirement. It is a skill that can’t be mastered in a day. Technically, anyone can learn 10 key typing in only a few minutes. You can even adjust your speed to average within a week. But the difference in speed when compared to an experienced professional is unmatched. This makes it harder for beginners to integrate it into their current skillset. Just like a second language, 10 key typing doesn’t count on a resume unless you’re completely fluent. 

Home And Office Setups

Sometimes the setup can be just as important as being experienced. Your chair and desk need to be at a comfortable height. Long periods of working in an uncomfortable position will cause fatigue and chronic conditions. 

If you’re unable to use a full-sized keyboard, then a USB numeric keypad can be plugged in to provide the same functionality. Pads are diverse, and provide enough spacing to work with any setup. There are no downsides to using pluggable pads, but their use is up to the employer. For home office workers, there are no mandatory hardware requirements. But taking a data job with a hard requirement for 10 key experience means that there is a speed expectation for the project. 

There is no way to fake the speed of a 10-key setup by using the numbers on top of the keyboard. 


Data entry jobs are plentiful and in high demand. Online 10 key typing tests will sharpen the skills of beginners and novices. If the numpad on a full-sized keyboard is uncomfortable, use a portable keypad as a replacement. Accuracy is the answer, so keep practicing until your speed matches the expectations of potential employers.  

Improve Your Skillset

If you want to make the most money in a data entry position, 10 key typing should be your focus. Data entry is a crowded field, so any extra skill you bring to an application helps. Businesses are always on the lookout for talent, and this is one of the primary skills that stands out.

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